Give the perfect finishing touch to any outfit with these sparkling, spectacular and gorgeous earrings. Stylish and trendy these handcrafted earrings are designed to enhance your look, making them an excellent luxury accessory for all occasion.

Be it a simple & intricate earring design, or a vintage & semi-precious stone earring, you'll undoubtedly find the best-of-the-best handcrafted earrings online in India at Maithili Kabre.

Our goal has always been to design handcrafted earrings that are luxurious as well as affordable, without compromising on the quality. We offer you handcrafted earrings in varying styles that are chic, elegant & snazzy, created in gold & silver and studded with precious and semi-precious stones.

As you browse through our website, you can take your pick from the widest range of handcrafted earrings. Moreover, these shimmering and timeless masterpieces of abstract, floral and traditional design can make a great addition to your jewellery collection!

  • Polaris Studs

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  • Pink Trident Minis

    3500 Add to cart
  • Green Sweetheart Minis

    2850 Add to cart
  • Hexa Studs

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  • Trident Mini Earrings

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  • Blue Sweetheart Earrings

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  • Kaleidoscope Mini Earrings

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  • Silver Gold Minis

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  • Gold Oasis Earrings

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  • Lilac Windmill Studs

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  • Gold Entwine Earrings

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  • Silver Night Drop Earrings

    9500 5700 Add to cart
  • Golden Light Drop Earrings

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  • Blue Oasis Earrings

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  • Petite Vintage Studs

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  • Lilac Spin Studs

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  • Kite Chandelier Earrings

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  • Gold Hexoid Earrings

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  • Geometric Chandelier Minis

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  • Frost Leaf Minis

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  • Pink Windmill Studs

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  • Gold Chandelier Earrings

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  • Green Hexoid Earrings

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  • Blue Icicle Earrings

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