Pixel Jewellery

By far the most amazing addition to the contemporary jewellery designs, pixel jewellery are the hottest fashion trend for the upcoming season. They are a simple yet intriguing piece of jewellery, filled with fun & chic elements that'll make you stand out in a crowd. Plus, they are also a dazzling fashion jewellery, though, in an understated way, that can add a playful touch to any outfit.

Inspired by digital unit, the pixel collection at Maithili Kabre is vast, ranging from glorious pixel necklace to striking pixel earring and more. Moreover, these designer pixel jewellery are covetable work of art that you can't afford to miss!

So, if you want to create a stir at a party or at any occasion, then browse through our online pixel collection and no matter what your style is, you'd be able to find a beautifully handcrafted pixel jewellery that’ll suit your need and budget!

  • Rainbow Pixel Studs

    2850 Add to cart
  • Polka Pop Earrings

    3500 Add to cart
  • Mini Geometric Danglers

    3200 Add to cart
  • Lilac Geometric Tassel Earrings

    4500 Add to cart
  • Pink Blue Moderne Earrings

    3500 Add to cart
  • Olive Gold Brick Earrings

    5500 Read more
  • Crystal Bow Danglers

    7500 Add to cart
  • Long Geometric Danglers

    4500 Add to cart
  • Royal Blue Pixel Choker

    6500 Read more
  • Pixel Choker

    9000 Add to cart
  • Wine Pixel Mega Earrings

    9500 Add to cart
  • Blue Brick Pixel Necklace

    7500 4750 Add to cart
  • Pastel Pixel Tassel Earrings

    4000 Add to cart
  • Green Pixel Ring

    4000 Read more
  • Wine Pixel Bolt Earrings

    6500 Read more
  • Green Pixel Minis

    4500 Add to cart
  • Gold Pixel Mega Earrings

    9500 Read more
  • Wine Pixel Bolt Bracelet

    6000 Add to cart
  • Pixel Tassel Necklace

    6500 3850 Add to cart
  • Green Pixel Mega Earrings

    9500 Read more
  • Lilac Pixel Minis

    4500 Add to cart
  • Gold Pixel Studs

    2850 Read more
  • Blue Brick Earrings

    6500 Read more
  • Blue Pixie Studs

    1500 Read more