Designer Luxury Fashion Jewellery

Known for exquisite craftsmanship, the Maithili Kabre brand is synonymous with luxury fashion jewellery. We are a top-notch designer jewellery label that believes in artistic creation that is simple yet creative in all aspects. We specialise in designer jewellery and handcrafted jewellery designs, giving a contemporary twist to traditional gold jewellery that makes the wearer exude elegance.

Our jewellery designs are unique and innovative. Plus, we are especially known for our collection of modern jewellery designs that appeals to women’s across all walks of life.

We are one of the most loved, trusted and valued brands in India. Our aim is to always bring forth luxury fashion accessories that are a mix and match of classy elegance and youthful harmony. The Maithili Kabre designer jewellery collection includes a host of fine jewellery that is trendy, sophisticated and simply outstanding.

We ensure that our customers have a wonderful online jewellery shopping experience and offer the largest range of dazzling earrings, designer rings, necklaces, bracelets and more. Further, we are confident that as you browse through our website, you’ll surely find a statement jewellery piece that’ll suit your personality and really make you happy!

  • Silver Twig Drop Earrings

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  • Blue Brick Pixel Necklace

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  • Lilac Windmill Studs

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  • Long Geometric Earrings

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  • Gold Spike Earrings

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  • Galileo Mini Bracelet White

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  • Starry Earcaps

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  • Pearl Glow Earrings

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