Blogs to Follow: Lovestruckcow


One of the earliest and most interesting bloggers in India that I have followed has been Surabhi Chauhan, whose blog Lovestruckcow is an original, with its unique point of view and diverse posts in and around the world of fashion & lifestyle.

Here, she’s been kind enough to share her pictures wearing the Long Stem earrings in Midnight tones by Maithili Kabre, customised in a clip-on version for her 🙂

Her blog makes for a good and very refreshing read. A few links to my favourite posts from her blog :

Unfashionable must-haves : Super fun, unconventional and anti-fashion chic

<a href="http://lovestruckcow.blogspot cheap ed” onclick=”__gaTracker(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘outbound-article’, ‘’, ‘House of Pero’);”>House of Pero: A post about the label accompanied by beautiful pictures with lot of texture by Photographer Zacharie Rabehi

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