Change of Season


The fresh foliage of the monsoon, to the drying up of the leaves in autumn and into the winter that approaches, no one paints the picture as beautifully as Ruskin Bond.

Being my favourite most author, I tend to read Bond often and I am fascinated by the simplicity in his often romantic, poetic prose. Landour Days comprises of his notes passing through the seasons: the book divided into sections as per seasons.

Our next collection is inspired by the palette of nature through the seasons as described by Mr. Bond in his work. Lush greens of the dense Garhwal hill forests, to their auburn hues in fall and the description of the ice-cold Himalayan winter & river shrines, all reflect in the colour board. With every change of season, not just colour but even form and mood changes. The lively, innocent hope of the monsoon, to the more sombre autumn and then the sharpness in shape and sensation that winter inspires.

I hope to have reflected some chosen details in the coming collection and expressed it in our signature language.

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