Collection: Neo Nomad: Modern Indian Jewellery


Our latest collection for Spring Summer 2017 –NeoNomad explores the kaleidoscopic life of the global citizen, borderless and free. Redefining the traditional nomads, this collection draws inspiration from the tribes of Western India and throws it into the future. The myriad possibilities, the gaiety that emerges from freedom and the constant course of dissolving and reinventing oneself for a whole new world, find expression in this collection.

The jewellery meticulously hand-crafted with geometric precision, 18k gold plated and embellished with exclusive Kite crystals from Swarovski from their AW17-18 launch.

We introduce the pieces below:
The Kaleidoscope Earringsmk1721c
They may seem like broken shards of glass, but come together in a transforming, futuristic pattern- just like it’s namesake.
The continuous motions of belonging, disowning, adopting, adapting & re-seeking in the life of a Neo Nomad are almost shattering, yet reforming into a beautiful, kaleidoscopic, multi-faceted view.

The Spearhead Earrings
The thorns of the cactus, protect the plant and preserve much needed water in the trying climes of the desert. This symbol of thorny persistence and self defense inspires the Spearhead!

The Green Bohemia earrings
A futuristic, architectural spin on the Banjara & Romani adornments with the dancing crystal details that embody their free-spirited happiness.

The Desert Queen earrings
The melting of boundaries, the state of constant transit. Of belonging, disowning, adopting, adapting & re-seeking. They went in search of food & water as resources, we thirst for the nouvelle in hope of an adventure, continuously looking to feeding our souls. The world truly is our oyster- we the NEO NOMADS. The Desert Queen earrings are the essence of Neo Nomad, the reinterpretation of traditional jewellery for the future.

The Pink Dune Ring
: Raising up quite the storm with its propeller blade like formation!

Pink & Lilac Windmill Studs.
MK1714  MK1715
Generating tiny wafts of positivity on the go.

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