Top 10 Jewellery and Accessories Trends For 2016 – 2017 That You Shouldn’t Miss


Make a fashion statement and glam up your outfit this season with these Top 10 trendiest jewellery & fashion accessories. Some of these exquisite & unique designer pieces can be worn every day, while the others can be used for special occasions. So take a look at these stunning jewellery designs that are a super stylish & a must-have accessory for this season and brighten up your looks with a dash of glitter and a lot of styles!

1. Studs


Priyanka Chopra in Pearl Dazzlers

Studs are the perfect go-to jewellery when you want to achieve that perfect look with minimal fuss. They are intricately designed in varied styles & materials and give you an impressive look that is classy and casual at the same time.


Huma Qureshi in Black Snowflake Studs

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2. Chokers


Diana Penty in Blue Brick Pixel Necklace

Be it fashioned from pixels or gold, chokers are always highly captivating. It is a current fashion trend that all fashionista swears by and are a versatile mix and match of various styles. Chokers are an edgy fashion jewellery that looks simple upon first glance, but once you wear it can just glam up your style quotient.


Orbit Choker

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3. Rings


Cosmopolitain, September 2016 – Stary eye ring

A must-have fashion accessory for this season, delicately crafted art deco rings or unique pixel cocktail rings can dazzle your festive look like no other. These beautiful jewels can perfectly compliment any outfit that you wear and will make you the centre of attention everywhere you go!


Blue Deco Ring

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4. Necklaces


Cosmopolitain, September 2016- The Good Year Necklace

Designed for timeless elegance, Necklaces are one fashion trend that can never go out of style. A versatile jewellery that can make you look appealing anytime, anywhere, Necklaces gives you the regal look once you step into a party!


Pixel Tassel Necklace

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5. Earcuffs


Cosmopolitain, September 2016- Starry Earcaps

Sport the trendiest look this season with stunningly beautiful earcuffs. They are a fantastic addition to your jewellery collection and are a perfect fusion of understated elegance & chic.

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6. Brooches


Busybee Pin

Add a dash of sparkle to your personal style with contemporary crystal Brooches – the year’s most sought-after fashion accessory. They are both classy as well as playful and make you stand out from the crowd!

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7. Long Hanging Earrings


Grazia, April 2016 – Long Geometric Earrings

Long Hanging Earrings are the hottest pick this season that can make head turns as you walk into a party! It goes well with formal or casual wear and can amp up your attractiveness on all occasion.


Lisa Ray in Black Onyx Shell Earrings

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8. Pendants


Black Art Deco Pendant

Nothing defines style more clearly than a good fashionable pendant and so its time to up your style with the latest, most luxurious fashion pendants that have taken this season by storm.


Galileo Pendant

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9. Bracelets


Wine Pixel Bolt Bracelet

Bracelets are the perfect accessory for all your special days. They are an impeccable blend of style and grace and can give you a truly unique look each time you step out for a celebration!

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10. Glittery jewellery


Grazia, February 2016

Flaunt a new style with dazzling pieces of Glittery Jewellery that have been all rage this season.


Blue Gold Petal Drops

They are gorgeous add-ons that can liven up an outfit and make you look divine and sensational.


Rakul Preet Singh- IIFA Ustav’16

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Now that you have a list of the latest and the most sought-after jewellery trends for this season, I hope that you’ll be the first one to flaunt these designer pieces!

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