We are starting with a new project on our blog: Jewelsdiary.

About: What we wear is not isolated objects, but more of an extension, an expression of ourselves. Fashion has a wider role and influence than the glamorous image we usually have of it.

Exploring our relationship with Jewellery:
This series, we aim to initiate a dialogue about what Jewellery means to each one of us. So, what’s that one piece or a collection of assorted pieces that are your favourite? Is it an heirloom, a memory, a gift? Or it could just be a plastic ring found in a candy box that you believe is lucky for you. It doesnt have to be precious, it can be by any designer or just about anywhere.
We are more interested in exploring what jewellery does for us. What does it signify or do for you? Does wearing a really bold cuff make you feel powerful, or does the slight movement of that dangling pearl on your earring make you feel feminine. Or do you plain feel pretty wearing a certain piece?

So, start posting on Instagram & Facebook, with a picture of your favourite jewellery and what it signifies. Do use ” #jewelsdiary ” and mention ” @maithilikabrejewellery “so we can keep a track of your posts and feature all those stories in a single post.

Deadline & Returns:
This would be an ongoing project, but we will keep a monthly track. The only activity on this would be posting & reposting by sharing stories.

From the Designer:

The picture is of my Grandma’s Necklace, from her wedding. Bought around the 1950’s probably from Girgaum, Mumbai. It has a silver base with gold plating. Over the years it was tarnished and almost had an antique finish. That’s when I laid my eyes on it and she quite generously gave it to me and was more than happy that it was being worn again. I have not tried plating it again, as I just love the worn look of it and this is probably the piece of statement jewellery I choose to wear the most at any given chance.

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