Maithilikabre Jewellery: A Personal Note

My blog follows my journey as a designer. It’s interesting to think of how I don’t belong here, yet I feel connected. Jewellery, rather “fashion” jewellery is something I would’ve never thought I’d be doing. Little did I think that it would intrigue me and turn my passion enough to make it a full time job and act of love each passing day.

Unknowingly I have equipped myself with design knowledge that can translate into any form I may choose. And very consciously post that I have added on the requisite plug-ins to take the path of fashion jewellery. Jewellery that’s different on purpose, has its own expression and is an exploration of materials & techniques I so love to play with.

My work is a source of immense joy and satisfaction. It’s not just the process and products, everything around it is as vital and invigorating for me. Hence this blog, it’s another form of expression of what happens in and around designing & making jewellery, campaigns, photographs, opinions, and anything else that inspires!

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