Midnight Sojourn: For the Temptress in you


Here is to the Temptress, the Sensuous side of every woman.

The Collection MIDNIGHT SOJOURN is inspired by the fearless woman. She’s dark, sensuous, mysterious in more ways than one. She looks like she holds secrets, isnt afraid to embrace all aspects of her femininity. She loves things noir as she goes off on her escapades at night, those we call Midnight Sojourn.

Notes from the Designer :

This collection celebrates our dark side. None of us are all black or white. But we mainly do celebrate all things white. We arent very comfortable discussing our not so good side or our secret desires. Also, as women and women in India its considered  good to not be sensuous, which I think is such a significant aspect of being a woman. Being sensuous is great, its exploring and celebrating a facet of being a woman. 

The Concept ::Collection Midnight Sojourn

Our Temptress isnt a conformist, but that doesnt make her a rebel. She’s her own person, embraces and loves herself. She lives slightly on the edge and is very passionate about everything. She  loves the night as it reeks of mystery just like her. She loves to venture out then just by herself or for a rendezvous, she lives by her own terms and wont have it any other way.

The language of this collection is Vintage Gothic and finished in dark Black Rhodium finish. The crystals speak of dark desire with teals, two toned midnight blues and deep, deep reds. All pieces are bold, oozing with sensuality and lots of glamour discover this.

Luxe Finishing: All jewellery is meticulously and lovingly handcrafted here in Mumbai, India.


Photoshoot Details:

Model: Ashwini Menon (Model, Graphic Designer, A Stunning and Warm person)

Photographer: Ankan Mandal

Concept & Styling: Maithili Kabre Mandal

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