New Mini Series: POCO


Introducing our New Mini Series: POCO, meaning ‘Little Bit’ in Spanish, I do have to admit that the word struck me when I listened to Poco Loco from the Disney Film COCO. The rounded features of Miguel in the film did fit in perfectly with this idea of really tiny jewellery that was playing on my mind.

Here, I wanted to achieve something that I have always wished as a designer of jewellery when I started out to handmake jewellery 14 years back. Though I have achieved making super large jewellery, using fine jewellery techniques, I always wondered whether I would be ever be able to achieve making something that I and most women wear most of the time- delicate everyday jewellery.

With POCO, I have been able to achieve that wish, to make fashion jewellery that is highly wearable and super well finished, as a piece of fine jewellery should be. We have made an “8” module which is the tiniest bit of POCO and embellished them in various fun colours of crystals from Swarovski. The minutest is the POCO stud, followed by a pendant and bracelet that are linked delicately with a highly flexible hinge- which is designed to offer a comfort and break visual rigidity as well.



The POCO rings are little colour pops that can be layered on one or many fingers and are a fun accessory, especially at work, where a large finger ring is cumbersome while writing/typing. This little one with its colour pop, fits right into this scenario where you want to be comfortable but also sport a cool and contemporary accessory.

We extend our signature line adapting some new processes with the Vintage POCO earrings, ring, necklace and bracelet. These modern classics are pieces of jewellery that are timeless by design and their neutral colour palette in crystal and gold. Worn with traditional Indian outfits as minimal accessories or with western looks as a contrasting ethnic highlight, these adapt easily to any look.

Our best-selling colour blocks too get a new avatar with a bezel setting with a more solid frame, giving these a more architectural and geometric look. With POCO, we also upgrade our jewellery finish to micron plating in gold, which is a high quality, durable finish that lasts longer than any other plating. We are happy to announce that all our jewellery is now 2-3 micron plated with gold, adding to our commitment of constantly upgrading to the highest quality products in fashion jewellery.

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