Edgy, bold and beautiful - these are the apt synonyms for cocktail rings. They are a luxury jewellery that can add a splash of colour to your personality and are a remarkable designer accessory that shows off the feminine charm with panache. Also, while the cocktail ring designs may come in different shapes and styles, the individualism that it gives a wearer is simply unmatched.

They are an accessory that can reflect your sense of fashion and if you want to make a strong statement, then check out our collection of designer engagement rings, fashion cocktail rings, diamond cocktail rings and select a stunning piece that you can treasure forever.

Our unique ring designs are finely crafted to be trendy and appealing. Further, with the huge demand of cocktail rings in India, getting the right cocktail ring design that is uniquely yours becomes easy with Maithili Kabre, has we create custom designer cocktail rings that are rare and one of its kind!

  • Bambina Ring

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  • Rosalina Ring

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  • Triskelion Ring

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  • Massimo Ring

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  • Pellegrino Ring

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  • Blue Mirage Ring

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  • Hexa Ring

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  • Pink Dune Ring

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  • Blue Dune Ring

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  • Desert Star Ring

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  • Starry Eye Ring

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