Nothing says timeless elegance like a beautiful pair of designer stud earrings. Trends come and go, but these classic stud earrings for women are an exclusive piece of jewelry that is essential to make a fashion statement. Stud earrings are a perfect everyday wear jewellery accessory that can be flaunted at work or at a party with equal aplomb. Moreover, they are easy on your delicate ear and have an aesthetic appeal that is totally fetching.

We, at Maithili Kabre, have designed a lot of refined pieces and our collection boasts of some of the trendiest and stunning stud earrings that you'll find online. Additionally, though you'll come across various stud earrings online, to find the stud earring that you'll treasure forever you need to check out our impressive collection.

As always, we do our best to bring you designer stud earrings that you'll fall in love with and you can trust us to provide superior quality stud earrings online at competitive pricing.

  • Blue Baroque Studs

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  • Rose Baroque Studs

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  • Trident Mini Earrings

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  • Pink Trident Minis

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  • Galaxy Studs

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  • Polaris Studs

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  • Hexa Studs

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  • Blue Petal Earrings

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  • Gold Burst Studs

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  • Green Sweetheart Minis

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  • Blue Sweetheart Earrings

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  • Petite Vintage Studs

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  • Lilac Windmill Studs

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  • Rainbow Pixel Studs

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  • Lilac Spin Studs

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  • Pink Windmill Studs

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  • Burgundy Vintage Studs

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  • Sugar Petal Studs

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  • Blue Pixel Studs

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  • Gold Pixel Studs

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  • Diamante Bee Stud Earrings

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  • Emerald Leaf Minis

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