When it comes to handmade bracelets, the more unique it is from the traditional gold bracelets, the more appealing it looks on your person. Apart from that unique handmade bracelets make for great collectables that can be passed on as heirlooms to be cherished by future generations. Also, while we understand that making a style statement is never so easy, with the right pair of designer handmade bracelets, you can make a resounding statement with minimal fuss.

Therefore, we bring to you handmade bracelets with cutting edge designs that you can purchase at an unbeatable price. The designer handmade bracelets available at Maithili Kabre, are distinctive jewellery pieces that are created in different styles and are unique accessories made out of pixel, gold, gemstones and more.

Thus, if you are a looking for handmade bracelets, then this great collection of designer bracelets online at Maithili Kabre will surely delight you!

  • Vintage Poco Bracelet

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  • Gold Block Bracelet

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  • Purple Poco Bracelet

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  • Grey Poco Bracelet

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  • Berry Bloom Cuff

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  • Flowers of Paradise Bracelet

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  • Fiori d’Arancia Bracelet

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