At Maithili Kabre, we make designer jewellery online shopping easy with our range of latest jewellery collections that'll make you go WOW with wonderment! From vintage and tradition to contemporary and urban chic, our designer jewellery collection makes waves in the fashion industry and are flaunted by biggest names in Bollywood.

You can buy well-crafted & exquisite jewellery designs that are the current fashion trends. Or look for collectable jewellery pieces that can be a part of your family heirloom. Our designer jewellery collections focus on chic styles ranging from casual & party wear to festive & traditional wear and include magnificent rings, luxurious bracelets, exclusive necklaces, bridal jewellery designs, gorgeous earrings, latest diamond jewellery collection, and more.

Maithili Kabre is a brand label that you can trust in and thanks to our competitive pricing our jewellery collections is available to all who love luxury jewellery accessories that radiate glamour and are simply spectacular!

  • Polaris Studs

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  • Green Sweetheart Minis

    2850 Add to cart
  • Trident Mini Earrings

    3500 Add to cart
  • Blue Sweetheart Earrings

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  • Silver Gold Minis

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  • Gold Oasis Earrings

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  • Lilac Windmill Studs

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  • Gold Entwine Earrings

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  • Silver Night Drop Earrings

    9500 5700 Add to cart
  • Blue Oasis Earrings

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  • Petite Vintage Studs

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  • Lilac Spin Studs

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  • Gold Hexoid Earrings

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  • Blue Mirage Ring

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  • Geometric Chandelier Minis

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  • Frost Leaf Minis

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  • Pink Windmill Studs

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  • Gold Chandelier Earrings

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  • Green Hexoid Earrings

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  • Blue Icicle Earrings

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  • Gold Spearhead Earrings

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  • Gold Galaxy Ring

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  • Rainbow Pixel Studs

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  • Royal Rush Earrings

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