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Starry Earcaps

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Starry Earcaps: A new concept. Plug these on your ear tops to express yourself in a whole new way.
Interpreting the beautiful mesh of stars that is the night sky.

Widest at 15mm. Total length is 40mm. Silver zircon stones. Fits most ears.
Note: These are just to be plugged on ear top, they have no post/hook/clip.

Material Finish
Finely crafted using an intelligent mix of digital, mechanical and hand-crafting processes. 18k gold plated on rhodium with base metal brass, hand-set with cubic zircons in prong settings by extremely skilled craftsmen.

Ships out in 3 working days.

Avoid exposure to moisture, perfumes. Always store in a sealed plastic bag. Clean with dry, soft, lint-free cloth.


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