Strength of Personality


It is that time of the year again, at the French Riviera! We are being bombarded with celebrity images. Some actually involved in the Films being showcased, some brand ambassadors.

As everyone comes up with best dressed lists, and yes! have gone through many. Cant help but say the amount of great mannequins who look so polished, strutting the best of fashion. But then, you come across those few faces and pictures that shout confidence and credibility!

Cate Blanchett almost never lets the clothes and labels wear her, and they ARE the very best. Amidst all the multitude of celebrity pictures laden in nothing short of Fashion Gold, I then see a picture of Julianne Moore. And there it is ! The strength of personality, the confidence that only comes from credible talent and then you see what she’s wearing- exactly in that order. Its that order, which I find so important, she’s not just a figure to dress up, she’s an incredible talent and woman, who will make whatever she’s wearing her own & not the other way around.

She’s almost minimal, even in her ‘red carpet’ look. Her beauty and grace elevate what she’s wearing. That’s what fashion should be, a very beautiful extension of you!

I do realise I sound wry, but not essentially having been a fashion world insider has allowed me to develop my own perspective and what it means to me, or what it can and should be. Being disconnected gives you the opportunity to look at all of the proceedings from a distance and a luxury of opinion!

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