The Eye Has to Travel


There is only one beautiful life and that is the life Through this film, one gets to know Diana Vreeland, Editor: Vogue, USA for a long time, but more importantly one of the most original women the world may have seen.

Through this biography, we get a glimpse of her world and what people around her remember her as. She had a grand vision for fashion stories, one that is quite rare. The spreads that she created when at the helm are ethereal and her choice and eye for models unconventional.

This eye for the unconventional and for details like nobody else made her a stand-out. Her larger tahn life, exaggerated persona only helped that!


Through this well-made film, we also get to look at super-stylish, over-50 women who are a lesson in elegant and chic dressing. Do keep an eye for  Anjelica Huston, Diane von Fürstenberg, Lauren Hutton and ofcourse the 70 year old woman who reinvented the MET ball- Diana Vreeland.

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