The Jewellery Crafting Series- Red Hot!


We introduce this series to showcase the behind the scenes in our workshop. Hand-crafting jewellery is an intense, almost meditative process and deserves to be celebrated.

Here we bring to you, our Dream-catcher earrings in process. At the stage where it is assembled and all links have been made. Now, we seal these links with solder. A metal, which shall flow at a lower temperature than the base metal and very poetically fuses all required parts together.

This seemingly easy job, is done with great expertise and practice. The risk lies in not heating all metals enough, in which case there is going to be no liquid silver solder to flow. And the other extreme of over-heating where all parts can actually melt, and that gives us one chunk of wasted metal.

As a beginner in jewellery making, these accidents have happened with all. But expert craftsmen learn it & practice it. The heating judgement almost comes instinctively to them. To watch a craftsman delicately solder and create these beauties with great patience is an experience of immense joy, fascination & pride.

Captured here, is the moment of heating the base metal, at which point solder metal will be introduced. The base metal needs to be red hot, so as soon as the solder touches it, solder flows and fuses.

Follow this series for the next stage and much more!


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