Thought Board 2015


This board represents all the scattered thoughts of the past few months coming together clearly for the first time in one space.

Mr. Ruskin Bond has been an inspiration for me, because quite honestly it is very, very hard to make things simple and beautiful. And he does that in the most effortless of ways. He describes the hills I have not been to, yet I can vividly see all the characters, colours, roads and bazaars, so strongly visual is his writing.

What I also find fascinating is his women characters, all of whom are as unapologetic and carefree as he is. From the mountain nymph like Binya to the older & wiser Miss Mackenzie and the Maharani, all of them live their life with great ‘Abandon’.

In his book, the Landour days, he divides his journal by the seasons. The travel writings in ‘Open Road’ are enough to transport you to the obscure stream or to the cold treks of the mountain shrines. One that particularly painted a very experiential picture for me was the trek to Gangotri and Kedarnath. One almost feels the sharp chills and the rugged surfaces with all the icicles and then the odd sunray that falls upon some of them, creating a warm glow. That specific mental picture is what inspires ‘Frost‘.

The transition from the total carefree and naive ‘Abandon’ of youth to the wiser, reserved edge of ‘Frost’, this inspired spectrum covers the journey of his women through an abstracted, jewelled interpretation by me.


landour days


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